Want to study in 2019?

Check TUT’s online application system for spaces available

​​The Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) would like to congratulate the class of 2018 on their matric results. The University is looking forward to welcoming all first year students who have already applied and accepted for study with us this year.

Althou​​gh the University understands the aspirations of successful Matriculates to further their education, it would also like to caution prospective students against coming to our campuses to look for placement. The spaces available for first-year students have already been filled, however we will continuously update the public should spaces become available again at the beginning of 2019. The updates will be posted on TUT’s Website on www.tut.ac.za, its social media platforms and the media.

Prospective students can check for the availability of spaces of TUT online application system at www.tut.ac.za. The TUT online application system will be accessible from Monday, 7 January 2019.

Alternatively, all prospective students should visit a centre with access to the Internet closest to them, to apply for study through the Central Application Clearing House (CACH) on cach.dhet@gov.za. The DHET system, which is linked to all institutions country wide, assists with the placement of students at institutions that still have spaces available. As a people’s university, TUT acknowledges that many of its students come from rural and disadvantaged areas, therefore we don’t want them to incur unnecessary costs in travelling to our campuses. 

All Universities annually submit their Student Enrolment Plans that are aligned with their institutional resources to ensure the provision of quality education to all students, to DHET for approval.  In 2019, TUT will only be able to accommodate 15 000 first-year students. The University has already received in excess of 100 000 applications from prospective first time-entering students.

Please note that no Walk-Ins will be allowed onto any of TUT’s campuses.

Current students and first-year students who have already received confirmation of acceptance and who have to visit any of our campuses to attend interviews or other official TUT business, should please make use of the ASK ME assistants to complete their business. Such students should also provide proof of registration, a 2018 student ID card, a South African ID and have a printed copy of the communication they received from TUT at hand.

Any enquiries should please be directed through the Call Centre on 086 110 2421. 

Relevant information will be updated on the TUT Website continuously on www.tut.ac.za.​