Resolutions reached between EMC and Soshanguve Campus Student Leaders

​​Text Books While students have not received text books yet, students are being assigned work on the same text books.

Resolution: The majority of textbooks were ordered in 2017, but delivery has been hampered because of instability at the Soshanguve Campuses. 

Delivery is expected soon/within the next week. 

Where there is still a delay in the delivery, students will receive photocopies of the relevant content.

Students are assured that they will not be expected to write tests without textbooks.  

Students can contact Prof Maserumule (Faculty of Humanities) and Dr Etienne van Wyk (Faculty of ICT) if they have any enquiries about the textbooks. 

Residences – The Accreditation Policy approved by the Council did not take into consideration the socio-economic circumstances of Soshanguve students and differentiation between the building standards of accommodation found in urban areas v/s those in townships.

Resolution: Most of the accommodation close to the campus does not comply with the minimum norms and standards set by the DHET and therefore cannot be accredited. The meeting resolved that the University will urgently seek additional accommodation for accreditation purposes within a 30km radius from the campus.

In addition, TUT will request DHET for permission to extend the radius to 35km.    

- Since potential students were not able to finalise admission applications due to the glitches of the online system, an alternative option such as allowing walk-ins for the submission of documents need to be implemented.
​- Students who completed Diploma courses and applied last year for B-tech studies in the very same field, e.g. Public Management are not accepted due to the limitation of quotas.

Resolution:  Selected students for the Faculty of ICT can still register.
Please note that no more applications are accepted at TUT’s Soshanguve Campuses.

Students: requested the University to engage DHET on enrolment issues in order to allow for more students/evening classes. The University will contact DHET to determine the feasibility and sustainability of increasing Student Enrolment Plan.  

NSFAS ​ Beneficiaries of NSFAS residing off campus need to be given a R1500 allowance for rent.

Resolution: NSFAS students may only reside in University accredited accommodation as per the NSFAS/DHET policies.  

A letter will be written by the University to request NSFAS to guide the institution on the Soshanguve accommodation situation given the unavailability of suitable accommodation that can be accredited according to the National guidelines.  This letter will be send to NSFAS by Monday 12 February 2018.

The radius in which accredited accommodation may be acquired is 30km from the campus which provides the opportunity for the University to accredit suitable accommodation outside Soshanguve.  This process needs to be expedited.

The University will identify spaces for study purposes that will be open 24/7. 

​ - NSFAS beneficiaries whose accounts have a negative balance due to the 2017 debt are still financially blocked.​

Resolution: A total of 9 833 NSFAS funded students have already registered at the Soshanguve North and South campuses for 2018.  All NSFAS funded students in 2018 whose 2017 accounts are not yet paid in full are unblocked for registration.
Any student who still experiences this problem should report to the Soshanguve Financial Aid Office for assistance.

​Student Finance
- Students not funded by NSFAS whose debt have been handed over to debt collectors are not being assisted even though they provide proof of non-affordability to the finance department.

Resolution: Returning students who have been handed over to debt collectors for their outstanding previous debt, will be allowed to register in 2018. The debt will be recalled from the debt collectors and the students will be required to pay a portion of that debt, and arrange through the University’s Acknowledgement of Debt (AoD) process. AoD arrangements should be made at any of the campus Finance Revenue Offices. Upon completion of above process, the block will be lifted and the student will be allowed to register.​

- The 1st year students who were told to pay the registration fee after a resolution of free education had been implemented. All those students who paid must be given refund forms so that the refunding process can be done immediately. 

Resolution: For those students who are confirmed NSFAS beneficiaries in 2018 the upfront payments they made, will be refunded.

Transport  When the new timetable was introduced in 2017, it was rejected by the SRC as it did not speak to status quo of the Soshanguve campus. We request that we stick to the 2017 bus schedule or intervals.

Resolution: TUT Soshanguve will, revert back to the 2017 bus timetables as an interim arrangement. Consultations with the contractors will be undertaken to obtain a full picture of student transport provision. Students are requested to please be patient while the process is unfolding. 

Academic records  A resolution was taken to allow students who were beneficiaries of NSFAS the previous year to print academic records for employment purposes, for those who need to apply for residences and for experiential learning. 

Resolution: Council has resolved in 2015 that students who owe the University will be assisted to graduate in order to get employment that will assist them to repay their debt. 

Students who have established the possibility of employment, should provide the particulars of that employer in order for an academic record to be sent to such employers.

Students will not receive their certificates until they have settled their debt. 

New Residences
-       Inaccurate and inconsistent reports regarding the occupancy date of the new building
-       Failure to stick to the time-lines communicated to the SRC regarding placement of students in Block Z, M and D residences.

Resolution: Cleaning of bathrooms and the renovation of some bathrooms will be finished by the end of the month in identified wings. 

Renovations in the middle wings have been completed and rooms are being allocated. 

Block K is still being renovated and alternative accommodation and transport arrangements will be made for affected students in Block K.