2021 Online Bus Registration

Now Open!

Student Bus Transport Application - Power Apps

Students are advised to follow the below process or steps to register:

  1. Please click here to visit the Power Apps​​ system
  2. Wait for the system to confirm your profile, then click Continue.
  3. Read carefully the rules and regulations in relation to bus registration.
  4. Once you agreed to the rules, then click on the NEXT STEP button at the bottom of the page.
  5. On the next page, the system will detect your campus.
  6. Click the drop down arrow button to select YES or NO for Accredited Accommodation.
  7. Click inside the checkbox to accept the rules then SUBMIT your application.
  8. Upon submitting, you will be sent a successful pop-up message and email for application.
  9. Please wait for approval from Transport Department.
  10. Once approved, proceed to CPS for issuing of a valid bus transport student card.​