Important notice to students

Be vigilant when collecting your TUT printed study material
20 June 2020

Dear student

In line with the University’s approved Remote Teaching, Learning and Assessment Plan, the University has started to distribute and deliver printed material to students who do not have digital access.

It has come to our attention that opportunistic criminal elements in society have mugged some students after they collected the printed material. They seem to be under the misinformed impression that the boxes also contain laptops.

This is a very unfortunate situation and we would like to urge all students who have to collect packages containing study material to be vigilant at all times. There is safety in numbers, therefore, if possible take a friend or family member along when you have to collect your parcel. 

Thank you for patience and appreciation of the difficult situation the national COVID-19 lockdown has brought about. Your success is paramount in everything we do, therefore, TUT is hard at work to implement our plans to ensure that you can complete the 2020 academic year successfully, without any students being left behind.