Call for Applications for NRF Honours and final year B Tech Block Grant Bursaries for 2018

​Internal closing date to submit applications is 10 January 2018

​Dear prospective final year B Tech/Honours student in 2018

The Directorate of Research and Innovation is pleased to announce that the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) and the National Research Foundation (NRF) funding call is open for the 2018 full-time unemployed South African final-year BTech/Honours students in the following funding categories: NRF Free-standing; Innovation and Scarce Skills and NSFAS. Qualifying students are invited to apply.

For more details on the call, please read the attached NRF Honours and Final year B Tech Bursaries Framework Document which highlights the eligibility criteria and requirements for each funding category.

Please note that this is an electronic submission system and you must be registered on the NRF system to create and complete an application. Register on the website by clicking on New Registration and entering new login details to access the application form and please follow instructions from page 6 to page 14 on the application and funding guide attached to successfully complete your application. South African citizens and South African permanent residents living with a disability are encouraged to apply.

You are required to upload the following supporting documents: (i) certified South African identity document (ii) certified academic record, and in cases of an outstanding academic record, the applicant must attach an official (university letterhead) stamped and signed fees statement (iii) proof of NSFAS or University Financial Aid funding to be attached if you indicated that you were funded from these sources (iv) medical certificate for applicants with a disability.

Please note that by failing to submit the application you will miss the opportunity to be considered for funding in 2018 since there is no hardcopy applications to be submitted to our office. Note also that submitting an application does not guarantee any funding since this is a competitive process with limited funding.

​Internal closing date to submit applications is 10 January 2018.

​Please share this funding call and disseminate the information widely within your fellow students.

Application and Funding Guide​

​ NRF Honours and Final year B Tech Bursaries Framework Document​​​​