Dear Accredited Private Accommodation Service Provider

This notice serves as official notification to all service providers regarding the renewal of MoAs for 2020:
  1. Ensure account is in good standing in respect of service fees from inception of MoA to date.
  2. Respond to any requests for information and/or documentation from Accreditation Admin team. (Please bear with us in this process of centralising and standardising our service provider database.)
  3. Submit to structural assessment by our professional evaluation team (N.B. the evaluations are currently being scheduled and must be concluded before Friday, 20 December 2019).*
  4. Conclude new MoA with TUTEH Properties.
​*Important: All parties must adhere to scheduled evaluation dates in order to be accommodated in the process. Please take note that a designated contact person must be available and the property must be completely accessible. Failure to do so will have a negative impact on your accreditation.

For assistance or enquiries, please send a detailed e-mail to If you have already received a property reference number (e.g. E10190012), kindly include the same in the subject line of the email. If not, simply make reference to the name/ address of your accredited property.

Your continued collaboration and support is greatly appreciated.