Notice to students

Dear student

After a meeting initiated by DHET and attended by the DG, DDG and other officials from DHET on Wednesday, 27 March 2019, as well as consultation with members of the ISRC on Friday, 29 March 2019, the application for non-accredited private lease agreements has been reviewed. During the meeting, certain control concerns about the application form for private accommodation were raised.  

In view of the above, the form was changed and the Financial Aid Office (FAO) will now conduct a review of the information students provided with the first submission of the application form. Students who’s lease agreement amounts are above the capped amounts will be contacted and requested to re-submit the information. While the process of re-submission continues, the FAO will prioritise the release of meal allowances to students who submitted lease agreements.  

It will therefore be in the interest of students who dispute the initial amount, to please submit the new form with relevant information to the campus FAO as soon as possible. The form is available on TUT’s Website​