TUT update: 22 March 2019

Students must please take note of a FAKE message currently circulating on social media platforms, in particular on WhatsApp, purporting NSFAS funding of R3.5 billlon to institutions. 

TUT Management can confirm that this message is fake and as such should be disregarded.

The DHET directive for 2019 funding to all NSFAS-qualifying students outlines the various categories of allowances for each student. It states that students are entitled to various allowances all depending on where students reside, for example staying at home, or in TUT owned, leased or accredited facilities, as well as in privately-leased accommodation.

The University has therefore in consultation with DHET and NSFAS approved a lease application form for private accommodation for students staying in private accommodation. This will enable these students to access both accommodation and meal allowances. 

NSFAS-qualifying students are therefore strongly encouraged to use the Application Form to find private accommodation and thus obtain a signed lease agreement. The application form, together with the signed lease agreement must be submitted to the campus Financial Aid Office as soon as possible. The form is available on www.tut.ac.za

Please note that such lease agreements for NSFAS private accommodation are also subject to certain requirements prior to processing and approval by the University.

Students whose home addresses are within 30km of campus will not qualify for such allowances, except for transport.