TUT update: 19 March 2019

Dear Student,

Please note all accredited student accommodation must comply with TUT’s Accreditation Policy and can then only be approved by the University’s Executive Management Committee (EMC). An assessment of the property must first be completed through an accreditation form by University management. 

NSFAS students will not receive their allowances if they stay in accommodation that is not officially accredited by the University’s EMC.

An additional 5 631 accredited beds were approved by the EMC on 12 March 2019.  This process is ongoing to enable the University to make more accommodation available to our students. 

Students are advised to please check with the ARLC Office at the relevant campuses with regards to the officially accredited accommodation availability. 

Furthermore, the University has designed a lease agreement form to enable NSFAS-qualifying students to access accommodation and meal allowances. Please note that such lease agreements for NSFAS private accommodation are also subject to certain requirements prior to processing and approval by the University. 

TUT Management