TUT update: 20 February 2019

​​​Activities at all the Tshwane University of Technology’s campuses resumed today, 20 February 2019. This followed a very productive meeting between Management and TUT’s Student Leadership (Transitional IRSC and the six Campus SRC structures) yesterday.

The situation at campuses remained mostly calm, except at the Pretoria, Arcadia and Arts campuses, where a small group of people once again attempted to disrupt activities. The situation at these campuses has  been contained and activities will continue as scheduled tomorrow.  The University will monitor the situation at all campuses to ensure a condusive academic environment.      

The suspension of activities at a number of campuses have cost students at least two week of academic time, therefore it is imperative that the academic programme proceeds without further interruptions. In a meeting between the Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Teaching, Learning and Technology and the Executive Deans of Faculties, it was agreed that the academic calendar for the first semester will be extended by two weeks to ensure that students meet the attendance and academic requirements for all courses. As a result, the mid-year exams will start on 27 May 2019. Predicates will be published on 20 May 2019.

Students who have not yet been able to register for the 2019 academic year, will be given time to do so until 1 March 2019. Students are advised to make use of the online registration system to speed up the process.

Exit exams have been postponed, therefore, students who still have to apply, should please submit their applications before 1 March 2019.

The University is aware of many misleading messages aimed at creating confusion, circulating on social media. Please remember that all official TUT communication and updates are published on www.tut.ac.za​ for easy reference.