TUT welcomes prolific Fulbright scholar to its shores

by Phaphama Tshisikhawe

10 July 2023

The Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) has been selected to host a Fulbright Scholar for the 2024 academic year. Robert Chirwa, Professor of Computer Engineering and Mathematics from Bluegrass Community College will teach classes, provide scholarly and informational presentations and further advance curriculum together with TUT scholars, in his areas of expertise.

Prof Robert Chirwa.

“Fulbright scholars are highly respected specialists in their fields and earning a Fulbright grant is an extraordinary honour that recognizes the scholar’s pre-eminence and influence in their discipline,” says Dr Vathiswa Papu-Zamxaka, Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research, Innovation and Engagement. 

“We must also highlight that serving as the institutional host of a Fulbright scholar is a mark of distinction that increases the international and national visibility of our university and that of our Faculty of Information and Communication Technology.”

The Executive Dean of the ICT Faculty, Dr Etienne van Wyk, stated that “the faculty is honoured to host a scholar of the stature of Prof Chirwa. He will assist the Department of Computer Science by sharing his knowledge in artificial intelligence and machine learning through lecturing and research guidance. We are eagerly looking forward to learn from him.”

Prof Chirwa shared stories of his early education in Malawi and how through jobs in Malawi, including teaching computer science at Chancellor College, he was able to get a scholarship to the U.S. to study for his Masters at the University of Kentucky in 1988. He returned in 1996 to study for a PhD in computer science and became an instructor at Bluegrass Community and Technical College (then Lexington Community College) in 1999. He is now Professor of Computer Engineering and Mathematics at the same college.

“I am beyond thrilled and I should highlight that building relationships with scholars, with scientists and with faculty members throughout the world is good because it’s a cross-fertilization between different systems, different approaches and different standards. I look forward to more growth and experiencing the TUT culture in South Africa,” said Prof Chirwa.

The University wishes Prof Robert Chirwa all the best on his new journey as a Fulbright Scholar.

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