TUT Arts Alumni Chapter launch on the cards

20 May 2022

The Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) is set to launch a number of University Alumni Chapters, with the Faculty of Arts and Design taking the lead. It will host the first Arts Alumni Chapter at the Winston Mankunku Ngozi Building, on 3 June 2022.

Dr Eric Pule, Director at the Advancement and Partnerships Office (APO). 

Alumni chapters have their roots in creating a platform where Alumni can interact, network and give back to their Alma Mater. The launch of the TUT Arts Alumni Chapter aims to do just that and more.

Speaking about the launch, Dr Eric Pule, Director at the Advancement and Partnerships Office (APO), said it has never been more urgent and necessary to launch an Arts Alumni Chapter. “The time is now to take advantage of the benefit of connection and collaboration, the pillars we use to forge ahead during this time of Covid consciousness. Also, the Arts and Entertainment industry in South Africa, and the world at large, is dense with many of our talented and esteemed alumni. They need to come back home and reconnect.”

Dr Pule added that “As TUT alumni, you are the most permanent stakeholders of this institution. People, staff, students, come and go but University graduates are there to stay. Your relationship with this institution is lifelong. From the TUT side and an Alumni perspective, it is important for us to support you. To ensure that Alumni are helped whichever way possible, within the policy framework of the University. We are all committed to keeping you informed, engaged and connected with your Alma Mater.”

Prof Nalini Moodley-Diary, Executive Dean at the Faculty of Arts and Design.

As the Alumni Association works towards reigniting the relationship between TUT graduates and the University, other faculty chapter launches earmarked for 2022/23, will follow.

During the launch, a committee tasked with the mandate of bridging the gap between the institution and its Alumni, will be formed.

Some of the “big names” to attend the event include Imbewu actor, Tony Kgoroge, Joyous celebration singer, Given Mabena, and Josias Moleele, celebrated actor and director, to name a few. 

Prof Nalini Moodley-Diary, Executive Dean at the Faculty of Arts and Design said: “This is a wonderful opportunity for our Alumni in the creative industries to be recognised by the University and, in return, for the Alumni to find innovative ways in which they can add value to the Faculty.”

“This engagement is timeous and the faculty looks forward to cementing a relationship with its diverse Alumni,” Prof Nalini concluded.

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