19 April 2022

Student defies disability, graduating Cum Laude

“I worked hard to get my qualification because I want to be known as being more than a person with a disability,” said Omolemo Molaso, who recently graduated Cum Laude with a National Diploma in Economics Management and Analysis.

Omolemo Molaso.

Omolemo, who was born with High Myopia and Amblyopia – a condition that affects the vision and causes blindness, hopes her achievement will inspire other people with disabilities to achieve their goals.

“They should never let their disabilities discourage them. Although things might be difficult at times, there is always a way forward. Never be afraid to ask for help and believe in yourself; we can all make a difference,” she said.

Speaking about her upbringing, Omolemo said she was born and bred in Batlharos, a village in the Northern Cape. With eight other siblings, she never had it easy growing up, but her parents did the best they could for the nine children. 

She added that she was diagnosed with depression at age 14.When her father passed on in 2016, she drifted into a state of helplessness. “Losing my dad at a very young age distressed me deeply. My father was my rock. He always encouraged me to study hard and to never give up on my dreams. He said I was his star and I am often reminded of those words whenever I feel like giving up,” she said.

She highlighted that coming to the Tshwane University of Technology was a blessing in disguise. “I have met wonderful people at the University and received enormous support from staff and students. I would like to single out Ms Ivy Morulane from the Disability Unit. She literary held my hand and took the role of a mother, guiding me all the way. I purchased my first eye spectacles through her guidance on saving money. She taught me great lessons about life and a lot more. I am eternally grateful,” she said proudly.

In addition to many accolades received during her studies, she was selected top student in her residence. “Living in the residence wasn’t always easy, but I had a great support system of friends that made my TUT experience amazing.”

Omolemo is currently enrolled for an Advanced Diploma in CFA (Financial Management). Seemingly, there is absolutely nothing stopping Omolemo from achieving all her dreams.

“My journey does not stop here and the sky is only the beginning for me. I am also working for one of the biggest banks in South Africa and I still need to graduate with a PhD in Economics, which has been my dream for as long as I could remember,” Omolemo concluded. 


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