Research passion sustains Prof’s C-rating

1 April 2021

TUT’s reputation as home of world-class researchers just keeps on growing. Prof Shengzhi Du, Full Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering, has sustained his prestigious C-rating from the National Research Foundation (NRF).

Prof Shengzhi Du, Full Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering.

Known as one of the hardworking researchers at the University, he brings with him an exceptional combination of research and executive leadership experiences that cut cross industry and academia. Prof Du’s passion for research is clear from a variety of projects in which he has been involved. These include: Disabled Enabling System at FSATI (French South Africa Technical Institute); Auto controlling system research of micro-array gene chip sampling machine for the Scientific Foundation of Tianjin City in China; Brain Computer Interface based on EEG Technology; Assistive living environment based on biology signals; Digital Topology/Morphology and the Application in Hough Transform; and Human-Machine Systems. 

Prof Du is a recognised supervisor for postgraduate students, author, and co-author of numerous publications. He enjoys serving on advisory boards, reviewing manuscripts, networking and sharing his knowledge with fellow researchers. He has graduated more than 20 Master and Doctoral students and published more than 120 papers in international journals and presented at conferences.

Reflecting on his C-rating, Prof Du said he is really pleased for his team. “I must give due recognition to the wonderful colleagues I have had at TUT who play no small role in my success,” he said. 

In addition to his many accolades, Prof Du has developed five outstanding commercial industry software products.

His field of expertise and specialisation are electrical engineering and mechanical engineering with a special focus on:

Hybrid System of Bio-signal and Mechatronics

  • Statistic Pattern Recognition
  • Image Recognition
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Brain Computer Interface (BCI)
  • Mechatronics System Modelling and Control
  • Human-Machine Systems
  • Collaborative Robots
  • As well as relevant industry applications

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