Innovative TUT app to help in COVID-19 response

22 September 2020

Technology is proving to be a big help in keeping safe from being exposed to COVID-19 and Prof David Katerere, Professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences is doing just that. 

Prof Katerere, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

He developed an innovative privacy-preserving computer and mobile solution app which digitally registers employees and visitors in high traffic environments such as corporates, residential estates, schools, municipal parks, cemeteries, funerals, churches and universities to ensure easy clocking-in and traceability. This app allows organizations to easily comply with all COVID-19 regulations. It is also unique because it incorporates African languages including iSiswati, Kinyarwanda, Swahili, Yoruba etc. therefore making it an app made in Africa for the whole of Africa.

Covid Connect Plus App

- is a digital clock-in / registration system which captures self-reported symptoms and temperature readings for employees and visitors and uploads them to your organization’s e-mail address;
- is highly infographic and therefore ideal for low literacy users;

- does not store data on the phone and there is no tracking involved;
- available in English, French and several African languages and directs users to local call centres in whichever African country they may be;
- has been built in South Africa for use across the African continent.


Less than 5 users 5 - 10 10 - 50 50 - 100
100 – 500 > 500
Initiation fee (once off) R 200 R 200 R 400 R 400 R 500 R 750
Monthly subscription (total) R 650 R 950 R 2 350 R 3 350 R 6 500 negotiable

Prof Katerere further mentioned that digital checking in using an app of this kind reduces waiting times at reception areas and also creates a traceable digital filing system for visitors and employees, which is why we thought this would be a good solution.

“We are proud to have an app which can be used in Rwanda, Kenya, Nigeria, French speaking Africa and has been developed in Tshwane…that’s really awesome!,” said Prof Katerere.

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