TUT’s Xaba appointed to chair George Mukhari hospital board

3 July 2020

Success is believed to come from knowing what you want, dedication and hard work.  For Dr George Mukhari Academic Hospital's new Board Chairperson, Gugulethu Xaba, a few more traits complete the picture - believe in yourself, be disciplined and mostly...

Gugulethu Xaba.

From a young age, Xaba has shown strong leadership qualities and he has always lived up to those qualities. He grew up a leader, taking part in many things that needed a hands-on leader, such as youth development, for which he discovered he had a great passion.

“Planning, strategising and working with the youth, keep me challenged.”

As Director of Student Governance and Leadership Development, he has a full plate, juggling prestigious positions, including the new one of being Chairperson of the Board at the Dr George Mukhari Hospital, as well as Deputy Chairperson at the Vuselela TVET College. It may look easy, but Xaba has had to stick to the tight rules he made for himself, to continue delivering outstanding work to all his positions.

“Time management becomes an important skill when you have additional roles over and above your daily work. I try to make sure my TUT work isn’t compromised by strategically working on my schedule in advance.”

According to Xaba, he has had to read, attend training, and gain exposure on various topics and processes, which, over the years has helped him go for additional roles to elevate himself whilst gaining more experience and knowledge.

He believes that students must sacrifice time before everything. With their priorities set straight, they can reach any heights and keep going. 

“Forget about things you can later catch up to, the parties will be there even after you have accomplished your goals,” he said. 

Xaba also considers a strong belief system important to help with repurposing and keeping one in-line. He has always been a believer in God, relies on prayer and has a close relationship with God.

Over time, Xaba has proven to deliver exceptionally in his job and all the additional roles he has accepted, gaining him more opportunities to lead. With his experience and qualifications, he has managed to live up to his childhood passion- Leading and Youth Development. 

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