Visiting Prof speaks about impact of culture on leadership

20 February 2020

International leadership expert and visiting professor, Mike Hoffmeister from the Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences in Wolfsburg, Germany, delivered a riveting lecture on the Impact of Culture on Leadership and Global Leadership: Impact of Happiness at Work, at the Tshwane University of Technology this week.

Prof Hoffmeister addressing the audience on the impact of inter-cultural exchange on leadership.

Speaking to staff, students and post-graduates from the Faculty of Management Sciences, Prof Hoffmeister explained how a lack of understanding of inter-cultural interaction often results in companies failing, especially overseas. 

According to Prof Hoffmeister, our personalities, cultures and the situations we often find ourselves in, are usually the main causes of many of the inter-cultural conflicts in our environment. “We must first learn to understand other people’s cultures and values before we could respond to their behaviour or actions. Sometimes, people’s behaviour is not an exhibition of rudeness, it is merely how they were raised and socialised to behave,” he explained.

Speaking on the importance of happiness at work and in life in general, Prof Hoffmeister said laughter is still the best medicine. “Laughing is healthy. There is a plethora of online publications focused on happiness, that explain and demonstrate the need for people to be happy about themselves, what they do and what they have achieved in life,” he added.

In his opening remarks, Dr Edgar Nesamvuni, Executive Dean of the Faculty of Management Sciences said 2020 is the year that the Faculty will focus strongly on forging more local and international strategic partnerships and collaborations that will benefit students. “We will endeavour to host many more similar talks this year that will empower our students,” said.

He added that Prof Hoffmeister speaks about relevant topics and issues that touch on life skills and that are often not presented in class - topics that all business practitioners should know much more about. 

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