TUT FM manager speaks about her journey of the airwaves

21 August 2019

#shareHERstory, a Tshwane University of Technology Woman’s Month initiative to celebrate Women at the University, today sees seasoned broadcaster and acting Station Manager at TUT FM 96.2, Kedibone Mahapa, sharing her 20-something year journey of the airwaves. 

Kedibone Mahapa, acting Station Manager at TUT FM 96.2.

Born and bred in Dipetlelwane village, in the North West Province, Kedibone Mahapa has always wanted a better life for herself and family. Despite her tough upbringing, she did not allowed her background to determine her destiny and did all she could to change her circumstances.

Her broadcast background began in 1998, when she and a team of ambitious young individuals co-founded the Moretele Community Radio in Temba, Hammanskraal. During her time at the Moretele Community Radio, she served in a few managerial positions. She went on from being a Sales Executive, Administrator, and Training Coordinator to Programme Manager.  This all-rounder was also an investigative news reporter, newsreader and a talk show host, chart show host and producer during her tenure as Programme Manager.  

Because of her boldness, she ended up producing a show called Maitsiboa Isong that became talk of the township of Hammanskraal. The show dealt with serious community developmental issues, corruption, education, politics, public affairs, health, business and entrepreneurship. 

Due to Mahapa’s various roles in the radio industry, she has always been actively involved with content creation and she believes in the value of solid research. “The whole point is to understand what an audience needs and expects. In all my previous roles, I have pursued a better understanding of the target audience,” she explains.

In 2006, a new journey began with her appointment as Programme Manager at TUT FM 96.2 began. Her role included coordinating sales, advertising and marketing for the radio station.  In 2011, she took over the reins as acting Station Manager, until now.  

Mahapa has groomed and produced many media personalities who are making great strides in the industry, such as Duncan Nkutha at Motsweding FM; Clive Tlou at Supersport; Katlego Legodi at Khaya FM; and Lucky Nemanashe stationed at SA FM, to name a few.  

In 2013, she established an internship/Work Integrated Learning programme for TUT Journalism students. Over the years, she has garnered the experience required for her role as station manager with an all-round view of the industry.

Kedibone Mahapa.
“The station has a long, rich history.  I am working hard to build on that and take it to new heights, by implementing new strategic changes. I have big plans for the station and I cannot wait to see them come to fruition. I am confident that, with the support of our management team and vibrant volunteers, TUT FM will continue to be a station that current students and alumni are proud of, she explained.

Mahapa has completed several radio courses such as scriptwriting, Community Mapping; Sound Editing; Strategic and Programme Formatting; Marketing Community Radio; Radio Production NQF Level 5 and Radio Station Management NQF Level 5. She has also acquired a National Diploma in Public Management, a B Tech Degree in Public Management and is currently doing a Master’s Degree.  Her research focuses on the assessment of broadcasting policy in enhancing the community radio sector’s sustainability. 

Mahapa strongly believes that education is the most powerful tool to fight poverty and has taken it upon herself to empower previously disadvantaged students. For the past 10 years, she has helped many prospective students in need of financial aid. “I know what it is like to be underprivileged and have decided to share the little I have with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, particularly young women. I remember how difficult it was to complete my tertiary qualification, as my parents were unemployed. There were days when I would wonder how I was going to survive the next day, but today I stand tall as I am on the verge of completing my Master’s degree.”

As the current Chairperson of the Provincial Executive Committee of the National Community Radio Forum (NCRF) in the Gauteng Province, Mahapa is one of the female veterans in community radio who continues to contribute to the sector.  

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