TUT twins receive identical qualifications 

29 October 2019

For a split second, one could have thought they were seeing double, but there were indeed two identical looking young women, receiving identical qualifications, during the recent Spring Graduations at the Tshwane University of Technology’s Pretoria Campus.  

The proud 25 year-old twins, Mary and Johanna Tloubatla who walked across the stage together to receive their B-Tech degrees in Civil Engineering, shared more about themselves. 

Why did you choose to study the same course?
We have the same interests in everything we do and we both love Civil Engineering. We didn’t see ourselves studying anything else.

How did you help each other in terms of studying?
We used to sit down together and check where one is struggling and then put more effort on the subject together.

What influenced you both to choose studying Civil Engineering?
We chose Civil Engineering because it is broad field and offers a lot of job opportunities. Civil Engineering influences where people work, relax, learn and live. You become part of helping society to become more advanced by developing infrastructure to meet challenges brought on by new technologies, population growth and climate change.

Did you have similar learning styles?
No, Johanna prefers quiet environment when studying, be alone or go to the library. I, Mary prefer studying while playing music and moving around.

Have you always been in the same class?
Yes, at school we were always given the option to choose which class we wanted to go to and we chose to stick together. We only separated when we got into Varsity.

What is your most unforgettable campus memory?
Chilling at the Hockey Café with our friends after writing a difficult test and make jokes on how tough the test was.

How do you feel about graduating together?
We are very happy because we could this beautiful day together.

You chose the same course, are there other likes you share?
Definitely, same music, clothes and food.

What are the two weirdest questions your classmates ever asked you?

Can we hear each other’s thoughts and if we would mind sharing a boyfriend.

Do you have different friends?
We have the same friends, probably because our personalities are the same.

How does your close bond influence your other social relationships?
We are close, but at the same time, we have our own identities. There are things we do separately and we live apart.

25 year-old Johanna and Mary Tloubatla after graduating with identical degrees at the Pretoria Campus.

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