TUT expert speaks out for African lions 

18 June 2019

• Dr Kelly Marnewick appointed chair of African Lion Working Group

“There are so many voices, not only in Africa but around the world, with varied opinions, ideas and strategies regarding lion conservation, research and management, that it is critical for us to find synergy between all these role players to ensure the future of the African lion.” 

Dr Kelly Marnewick tending to a sedated loin.

Finding this synergy will be top of the agenda for Dr Kelly Marnewick from the Tshwane University of Technology’s Department of Nature Conservation, who has been appointed as chairperson of the African Lion Working Group. The African Lion Working Group is also affiliated with the Cat Specialist Group of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), with the aim to promote comprehensive, scientifically based conservation strategies for all free roaming lion populations in Africa.

After obtaining her PhD at the Centre for Wildlife Management, University of Pretoria, Dr Marnewick worked at the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) managing the Carnivore Conservation Programme for more than seven years. Having spent a year working at the Wildlife in Trade Programme at the EWT, she then joined the TUT family, bringing her expertise in big cats to students in the department.

“Having been appointed as chair of the African Lion Working Group is a tremendous honour, but with it also comes a massive amount of responsibility. Our aim is to create a forum for discussion and debate regarding lion conservation and relevant research matters, and act as a communication and networking portal. It is of critical importance that we circulate factual, scientifically based information to managers, politicians, non-government organisations and the public. One of my priorities will be transforming the membership of the ALWG to include not only the incredible lion conservationists that are members, but also those who are in positions to make management and legislative decisions on lions,” Dr Marnewick concludes.

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