TUT update: 28 March 2019

28 March 2018

Registration for 2019 academic year closes 29 March

Students at all the Tshwane University of Technology’s campuses who have not yet registered for the 2019 academic year are reminded of the extended deadline of 29 March. You can use the easy online registration system or visit your nearest campus to complete the process. 

Appeals for exclusions should also be submitted by the deadline on 29 March.

Although no cancellations will be accepted at this time, students at all Faculties excluding Information and Communication Technology, can until 29 March, still add subjects to their courses. 

An issue related to accommodation at the Arts and Arcadia campuses earlier today, has been resolved. Lectures and exit exams will continue as scheduled. Students are advised to report for classes tomorrow. 

NSFAS approved students once again reminded to submit their signed lease forms to the Financial Aid office as soon as possible to enable the University to process these forms.

A comprehensive academic calendar and plan is available within Faculties. It is important for students to familiarise themselves of the content of these plans as well as tests and other assessment measures to compensate for time lost. The aim is to ensure students are not disadvantaged.

To ensure the quality of teaching and learning and that our students are prepared, semester examinations will be moved from May to June 2019. This will provide enough time for students to prepare and complete the prescribed number of teaching and learning hours.  

The following important new schedules should please be noted:

  • Predicate Day will be on 27 May 2019.
  • Examinations for all students will commence from 3 to 21 June 2019.
  • Supplementary examinations will take place from 8 to 19 July 2019.
  • Special and exit examinations will take place on 28 and 29 March as well as 1 to 3 April 2019. 

A contingency plan is in place to ensure an academically conducive environment as well as the safety of students, staff and TUT property.

For more information please visit www.tut.ac.za.

TUT Management

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