First male black nurse graduates at TUT 

25 March 2019

Thabiso Bale, Nursing and Operations Manager at the Gynaecological Hospital in Pretoria, has just become the first Black male nurse to graduate at TUT.

Thabiso Bale, first male nurse to graduate at TUT.

Born in Bethlehem, Thabiso, who matriculated in QwaQwa, Free State, had first thought of becoming a doctor. Nursing was merely a stepping-stone to get there. However, when he discovered the intricacies of the nursing profession, he decided to stick with it. 

“Nursing is about caring for people who place their lives in our hands. There is nothing more precious than human life, so we all honour that responsibility. The work that I do is very important, as such I need to function at my highest level,” he explained.

Thabiso, who is currently a PHD student, says his desire to inspire, cultivate and facilitate change, has always been a driving force in his career, whether as a nurse at his patient’s bedside or as a manager in the boardroom. 

“Because of some exceptional people, I received multiple opportunities to grow professionally. I had the distinct pleasure to work with superb mentors and colleagues who assigned me duties across various service lines. It was great preparation for the challenges ahead.” 

He adds that the commitment to ensuring every patient, receives the highest-quality care daily, motivated him to transition from nursing to administration. 

“Delivering high-quality care and ensuring exceptional patient safety is a priority for all nurses but, as we all know, if you do not run a business well, the resources needed to deliver care and reinvest in future services will not be available. Hence, understanding how to operate an exceptional business - in this case a hospital - is critical,” he says. 

His career began in 2004 at Mediclinic, after completing his degree in Nursing Science. He was later promoted to Unit Manager: Surgical ICU in 2010. In 2012, he was headhunted to become the Deputy Nursing Manager position for eight Intensive Care Units (ICU) at Netcare Sunninghill. 

The year 2014 brought great news when he returned to Mediclinic at Muelmed as Deputy Nursing Manager and later Acting Nursing Manager in Brits. He swiftly returned to the Heart Hospital where he worked as Nursing Manager from 2014 until May 2018. 

The highlights of his career include being part of the treatment team for the late Nelson Mandela and many other public figures. Thabiso emphasizes that all patients are equal in his eyes and he treats all of them with high care and respect.

Thabiso is married to a beautiful wife and they have two daughters.

Thabiso Bale flanked by TUT Nursing Science students.

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