#BalanceforBetter, a celebration of international Woman’s Day

“I salute every rock in our lives - the mothers, aunts, wives, sisters, daughters and secretaries - who contribute to creating order in society and making life worth living for everyone! Annually on 8 March, the world celebrates international Woman’s Day, but in reality women should be celebrated every day.” This is the opinion of Prof Lourens van Staden, Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the Tshwane University of Technology.

Prof ​Lourens van Staden.

“Gender based violence and prejudices against women, have been trending all over traditional and social media internationally and in South Africa, not only in the past month, but way too frequently in our country. We absolutely need more balance in life and, more specifically among genders,” Prof Van Staden adds.

“In my view the hashtag #BalanceforBetter, resonates perfectly with this societal need. Today, I would like to call on the entire country, society and our TUT community, to become part of the call for more balance towards a better future for everyone. Let us reconsider our values, our appreciation of our women and how we would want them to feature in our own, the country and the world’s future,” Prof van Staden concludes.

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