Tshwane FM is city’s best community radio station

The City of Tshwane has just awarded Tshwane FM 93.6, the accolade of Best City of Tshwane Community Radio Station.
Presenter, Given “Littleman” Mabunda, Marketing and Events Manager, Nkateko “Syco” Shibisi, Station Manager, Jeremy Thorpe, and stand-in Deputy Station Manager, Nishan “DJ Nobz” Chetty, who received the award of City of Tshwane’s Best Community Radio Station. 

For the past twelve years, Tshwane FM, the Tshwane University of Technology’s campus-based radio station at its Pretoria Campus, has been running 24/7, firstly as Top Stereo, then as TUT Top Stereo and for the past seven years as Tshwane FM. From the beginning, the radio station had several focuses, one of which was to provide a second career option for TUT students. Another was, as a community radio station, to provide a major service to the community, which consists of TUT students and, according to one of our agencies, a big percentage of the youth of Tshwane.

For years now, Tshwane FM has had one of the highest listenerships of all the country’s campus-based radio stations. 

Station Manager, Jeremy Thorpe, said, “This award is an honour and a great acknowledgement of the radio station providing a really good service to our listeners. On Friday, 23 February, three of my presenters and I attended a City of Tshwane Awards ceremony at the State Theatre and, to our amazement and delight, received the award for the Best City of Tshwane Community Radio station. All the radio station’s agencies have been notified – and have all congratulated us and suggested that our business and income should be exceptionally good during 2018. Furthermore, Tshwane FM will continue to inform and entertain its listeners as best it can.”

In addition to Tshwane FM, TUT also runs TUT FM, a community focused radio station, situated at its Soshanguve Campus.

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