Classes for TUT students get underway

The Class of 2018 got underway, yesterday, 29 January 2018, with the official commencement of lectures for the majority of students at the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT). Excited returning and first-year students have been flocking to TUT’s campuses to report for the first day of their studies.
​Following the week-long online application period from 8 – 12 January which afforded students who have not yet applied for study, to submit their applications the process for new students to apply for study in 2018, have now been concluded. 

Since the commencement of registrations on 15 January, 12 221 first time entering students have already registered. This constitutes 81% of the approved15 056 first-years that will be enrolled at TUT this year.

After the first week of registrations, a total of 43 328 first-year and returning students have already registered. Students are reminded that the closing date for 2018 registrations is on 9 February, with late registrations closing on 16 February. 
The University will have about 63 000 students attending classes at its various campuses this year.

Although a lot of information related to fully subsidised free higher education and training for poor and working class South Africans has been shared with students, in some instances, there still seem to be uncertainty as to what is expected of them to be able to register. For the most relevant and up-to-date information and guidelines, students can visit the TUT Website on  

The annual institution-wide orientation programme for first-time entering students, which plays an important role in supporting their successful transition from high school to university, has started to roll-out within faculties during the past week. 

The programme forms part of the TUT 101 strategy, which aims at improving the social and academic integration of first-years. Extensive research has shown that a well-coordinated orientation programme could greatly reduce the high dropout rate among first-year students, which is an international trend. The aim of TUT 101 is to ensure that students experience core-curriculum, extra-curriculum and co-curriculum in a holistic way. This will allow students to learn academic behaviours, including language competence, confidence, tolerance and acceptable social practices.

In addition to the so-called Colour Splash fun event, First-years have been participating in an array of engaging information sessions that will provide them with access to critical social and academic support available at the University. Every first-year also signed a success pledge as a way of committing to the values of the University and to their own success. 

First-year orientation at TUT is seen as an opportunity to live by the African proverb that says It takes a village to raise a child; meaning that every encounter of a student with staff should be a positive, friendly and approachable experience. 

For more information on the Tshwane University of Technology, please contact Willa de Ruyter on tel: 0123 82 5352 or send an email to