Malicious, fraudulent communication regarding the situation at the Soshanguve Campuses

28 September 2018

The University is aware of a document on a letterhead allegedly from my office, titled VC’s Communiqué, 28 September 2018, Further Communication, that is doing the rounds. I want to state categorically that is void of any truth. The Executive Management Committee (EMC) regards this fraudulent document, containing my forged signature, as a malicious attempt to create more chaos and confusion among students and bringing the University into disrepute.

I would like to reiterate that any communication sent to you in writing, or via SMS, will always also be published on TUT’s Website. In order to confirm the veracity of any TUT communication or communication from my office, please visit

Academic activities for students at the Soshanguve Campuses remain suspended until further notice. Contrary to the fraudulent Communiqué, this does not equal permanent closure. We continue to monitor the situation and behind the scenes, a lot of work is being done to ensure the campuses could reopen as soon as possible.

Your future and safety is our priority and the issues pertaining to the Soshanguve Campuses must be resolved. I assure you that Management will continue to communicate with you on the situation at the Soshanguve Campuses.

Issued by:
Willa de Ruyter
Corporate Channels Manager and TUT Spokesperson

on behalf of:
Prof Lourens van Staden
Vice-Chancellor and Principal

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