TUT update: TUT’s Soshanguve students to go back to class on Monday

7 September 2018

The Tshwane University of Technology today, 7 September, obtained an urgent Interdict from the Pretoria High Court towards normalising the situation at the University. This Court Interdict applies to all TUT campuses. 

This application was brought following the ongoing disruptions at the University, and the subsequent suspension of activities at the Soshanguve North and South Campuses yesterday, 6 September. 

The interdict will prevent the perpetrators of the ongoing unrest and damage to TUT property from entering the Soshanguve North and South Campuses. In addition it will prevent them from participating in any disruptive activities on these campuses.

The University recognises every student’s Constitutional right to education and the importance of the 2018 academic programme to progress uninterrupted. Therefore, tests for students due to start on Monday, 10 September, will proceed as planned, except at the Soshanguve North and South Campuses.   

It is important to note that classes will resume at the Soshanguve Campuses on Monday, 10 September. Tests for students at the Soshanguve Campuses will commence on 17 September, to allow them sufficient time to prepare for tests.

Despite ongoing engagement with students and decisions reached on issues they tabled, as well as extensive communication by the Campus Management Committee to students, protest action and damage to property at the Soshanguve North and South Campuses continued. Due to the volatility of the situation, the University had no choice yesterday, 6 September, but to suspend all activities at the Soshanguve North and South Campuses until further notice.

Court Interdict - 7 September ​2018​​

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