One of TUT’s number one female leaders in run for 2017 business woman award

Cleo Ndhlovu, Manager of the Centre for Tissue Engineering, based at the CSIR, and one of the number one female leaders at the University, is in the run to become the next Business Woman of the Year. The South African Council for Businesswomen (SACBW) recently announced the list of 2017 finalists for the title Business Woman of the Year.

In 2005 Cleo joined the Centre for Tissue Engineering (CTE), currently the only multi-disciplinary tissue bank in the country. The Centre focuses on the retrieval, processing and storage of bone, cartilage and tendon, cornea, skin and cardio vascular tissue.

This elegant woman’s strong leadership skills and ability to deliver innovative new solutions to challenges in the field of tissue engineering, have contributed immensely to more strategic resource utilisation and sturdy organisational development. One of the highlights of her career was the implementation of the very first programme for banking cadaver skin in South Africa, which has been processed and preserved in glycerol. The creation of this programme has given South African burn surgeons an effective way of saving the lives of many more burn victims.

Cleo is currently working on a project for the implementation of methods to improve the processing and engineering of musculoskeletal human tissue. 

  • The SACBW is an inclusive, dynamic, vibrant and powerful agent of change in the South African business environment. The Council aims to promote the business interests of its members in particular and the economy of South Africa in general, and offers development for all levels of businesswomen where they can learn, grow and be challenged to excel.

The 2017 winner will be determined through a public SMS voting system. Please vote for Cleo as follows: SMS Cleo to 34659. You can vote as many times as you like.

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