TUT’s new IT Director focused on making a difference

The Tshwane University of Technology’s newly appointed Director of Information Technology (IT), Mafika Nkambule, who joined the University on 1 February 2017, is focused on making a real difference in the higher education sector.

Nkambule is no newcomer to the academic landscape. Before joining TUT, he was also the Director of ICT at the University of South Africa (Unisa). He brings a wealth of knowledge in Information and Communication Technology to TUT.

Nkambule, whose career started at Sappi Kraft in 1995, not only worked locally but internationally as well. In 2008 he got an opportunity to work in Nigeria when Telkom Nigeria employed him as an IT Executive.

According to Nkambule, the challenges at Higher Education Institutions, such as TUT and Unisa are vastly different. "In view of that, I am currently focusing on assessing the environment and gaining an understanding of TUT, the largest residential University of Technology in the country. This will enable me, together with my team, to effectively tackle the many challenges that lie ahead," he says.

He adds that a thorough assessment is vital towards planning and implementing an IT strategy that will support the needs of all stakeholders especially those of TUT's large student community.

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