Pioneering alum is City Power’s youngest Chief Engineer

Article first published in Southerncourier on 30 August 2023

4 September 2023

Palma Maluleke (29), alum of the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment, as well as trailblazing Chief Engineer at City Power, is slowly emerging as a beacon of innovation and leadership in sustainable energy. 

Hailing from Limpopo’s Gumbani Village, just outside Malamulele, Maluleke’s journey to becoming an engineering luminary began with a solid foundation.

After matriculating in her hometown, she studied at TUT, earning her national diploma in electrical engineering. During this formative period, City Power recognised her potential and provided a scholarship that paved the way for her to contribute to the entity’s transformative endeavours.

Determination and a thirst for knowledge characterised Maluleke’s trajectory within City Power. As she honed her skills through in-service training across various departments, she grasped the intricacies of the entity’s operations.

This journey led her to the energy department in 2017, where she found her calling.

She studied further at the University of Johannesburg, again supported by City Power. This pursuit culminated in a B-Tech degree and an honours degree in energy studies, solidifying her expertise in sustainable energy. She is now enrolled for a Masters degree.

In addition to her many accolades and as the head of solar photovoltaic (PV) and battery storage systems, Maluleke’s journey marks her commitment to driving renewable energy solutions and her determination to shatter glass ceilings in the male-dominated engineering landscape.

Under Maluleke’s leadership, City Power forged a path to mitigate the energy crisis that plagues the nation. With steadfast resolve, she spearheaded projects that harnessed the power of solar energy, as evident in the upcoming installation of roof solar panels across city-owned buildings.

She said the initiative addressed load-shedding, underscoring her commitment to offering alternative, sustainable energy solutions.

“We are at an advanced stage of implementation,” she said.

Maluleke‘s influence transcends her entity’s boundaries. She often engages in industry dialogues, including the Association of Municipal Electricity Utilities (AMEU) convention, where City Power showcased its commitment to the Just Energy Transition.

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