TUT professor among top 100 education scientists in Africa

17 May 2022

Prof Anil Kanjee, Research Professor at the Tshwane University of Technology’s Department of Primary Education - Faculty of Humanities, has been listed among top 100 education scientists in Africa. This is according to the 2022 AD Scientific Index ranking.

Prof Anil Kanjee.

The AD Scientific Index ranks the top scientist globally, regionally and in specific countries. The ranking of “Top 100” scientists is based on total h-index scores in specific categories. This year in the education category, Prof Anil Kanjee was ranked number 55 in Africa and 44 in South Africa.

Prof Kanjee is the co-ordinator of the TUT Postgraduate and Research Programme at the School of Education. He also serves as a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for International Teacher Education. The central focus of his research is to understand the dynamic interplay between the development and implementation of educational policy at the different levels of the system, and its implications for the achievement of national and international development goals related to poverty reduction, equity, and quality.

In addition, Prof Kanjee’s research on formative assessment, large-scale assessment surveys, learners, leaner voice and learning, and teacher professional development aims to bridge the gap between what policies intends and what the outcomes are, with a specific emphasis on schools serving learners from poor and marginalised backgrounds. 

For more information on the Top 100 Education Scientists in Africa 2022, follow this link: 


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