18 November 2021

MeatOurFuture through to semi-finals of Feed the Next Billion competition

Mogale Meat Co. Pty Ltd, Cryowild BioBank NPC, University of KwaZulu-Natal, and the Tshwane University of Technology currently collaborate to Feed the Next Billion, by developing a sustainable lean chicken breast meat alternative, produced using advanced cell-culture technology.

MeatOurFuture, a non-profit organisation, recently announced that a collaborative partnership of the same name, has advanced into the semi-finals of the $15 million XPRIZE Feed The Next Billion competition. The competition takes place over a three-year period. 

A total of 28 teams from 14 countries were selected for the semi-finals and will compete to produce a chicken breast or fish fillet alternative. The production should outperform the environmental sustainability, animal welfare, nutritional and health properties of conventional poultry or fish meat, while ensuring consumer taste and texture satisfaction. 

Semi-finalists must produce a prototype product for tasting and competitive evaluation by Q3 of 2022, ahead of the selection of competition finalists. Finalists are expected to be announced late in 2022. 

Our inaugural MeatOurFuture team is the only XPRIZE Feed The Next Billion competition semi-finalist originating from Africa. They are positioned to tackle the substantial nutritional deficits the African continent currently faces and food security challenges yet to be faced, with the sub-Saharan population forecast to double to 2.2 billion humans by 2050.

This team leverages the CryoWild’s BioBanking platform, the University of KwaZulu-Natal’s School of Life Sciences’ skeletal muscle and fat stem cell biology expertise, Tshwane University of Technology’s Biotechnology and Food Technology edible biomaterial chemistry expertise, and Mogale Meat Co’s end-to-end technology platform enabling cell cultured meat production, to produce a chicken breast alternative. 

The expanded objectives of the MeatOurFuture NPC are to develop cell lines, edible scaffolds and processes supporting the sustainable production of a cell cultured poultry product, and in so doing establish a framework for training the next generation of scientists, engineers and food technologists, developing cell cultured meat technologies.

“We envisage a future where meat production centres will operate as immutably networked nodes ensuring the production of high quality, low impact poultry products.”

For more information about MeatOurFuture NPC, please visit us at meatourfuture.org 

Original press release https://www.xprize.org/prizes/feedthenextbillion/articles/feed-the-next-billion-announce-semifinalist

About MeatOurFuture

The MeatOurFuture NPC is a non-profit established in May 2021 as a framework for developing a regional network of public-private innovation centres, food industry organisations and governing authorities with an interest in advancing the inter-disciplinary field of cell cultured meat engineering and biomanufacture at scale. This network of local and international professionals is committed to feeding the next billion people with healthy and nutritious cell-culture meat products, propelled by a One-Health agenda.

One-Health: Combining the health and wellbeing of animals, people and the environment within a coordinated national, regional and global context.

MeatOurFuture NPC is a subsidiary of Mogale Meat Co. a privately incorporated cell cultured meat company founded in Pretoria, South Africa in 2020, to develop real meat products from South Africa’s prized indigenous wild antelope, poultry, and free-roaming livestock, using advanced cellular agriculture technologies. For more information, visit mogalemeat.com. Mogale Meat Co. has partnered with CryoWild BioBanking specialists, stem cell biologists from the School of Life Sciences at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, and food technologists from the Department of Biotechnology and Food Technology at Tshwane University of Technology. 


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