5 November 2021

Countdown is on to meet TUT excellence awards winners 

The theme, “Academic Oscars”, will set the scene for the annual Tshwane University of Technology Academic Excellence Awards taking place on 17 November 2021 at the Pretoria Campus. 

Dr Vathiswa Papu-Zamxaka, DVC: Research, Innovation and Engagement.

The Academic Excellence Awards are the institution’s most prestigious accolades for Teaching, Learning and Technology (TLT), Higher Education Development and Support (HEDS), as well as Research, Innovation and Engagement (RI&E). These awards are for staff members who have improved their qualifications those who have received or upgraded their rating from the National Research Foundation, along with teaching and research excellence.

The task team jointly appointed by the DVC: Teaching Learning and Technology and DVC: Research, Innovation and Engagement, are working tirelessly to make sure that all is ready before the big day. 

“This awards function is one of the leading events at our University. As such, we look forward to provide a quality production, entertainment and overall ambience to celebrate staff members who have excelled in their academic duties and made a positive contribution to the University and beyond. This is the one day where we highlight the University’s strong academic brand and projects. We have involved our own students from the Faculty of Arts and Design, who have assisted significantly in the planning and the Oscars theme,” the task team explained.

Dr Vathiswa Papu-Zamxaka, DVC: Research, Innovation and Engagement said: “The institution has adapted to the new normal brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic with grace and resilience. Practices and terms that previously looked remote, foreign and far from reach, have become our normal. Visiting the laboratory, conducting research, supervising a postgraduate student or even collecting data has changed due to the global Covid-19 pandemic”.

She added: “It is in this context that we are extremely grateful for the contributions by our researchers, academics and students. As they engage in research, innovation and engagement, they assist in enhancing TUT’s image in the global higher education arena. They have pulled their weight and worked hard within the framework of the University’s strategic plan, mission and vision, including Research Innovation and Engagement’s strategic objectives.”

Prof Ben van Wyk, DVC: Teaching, Learning and Technology.

Prof Ben van Wyk, DVC: Teaching, Learning and Technology, said: “The unplanned and rapid move to online learning, initially with insufficient bandwidth, little preparation and in many cases without sufficient support, posed a significant challenge to learning and teaching at TUT. Yet, despite the many obstacles, our academics' grit, resilience and willingness to adapt and create meaningful learning experiences, were astounding. Our excellence awards are there to celebrate our teaching and learning heroes.” 

“I believe that the integration of information technology in education will be further accelerated and that the novel ‘bichronous’ model TUT adopted, will remain an integral component of our learning and teaching,” Prof Van Wyk concluded. 

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