14 September 2021

A Re Bueng Virtual Seminar aims to get dialogue, reflection and action going in creative industries

The Faculty of Arts & Design’s A Re Bueng Virtual Seminar hosted on 17 September 2021, will present a range of interesting emerging modalities in the production as well as the experience of the creative industries in the time of Covid-19. This global pandemic has necessitated a shift in how the creative industries are fashioned, appreciated, and experienced. Join us for this free, highly engaging seminar on Zoom from 09:00 – 14:00.

Presented in collaboration with the National Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences (NIHSS), the Faculty would like to invite artists, scholars, educators, policymakers, practitioners, entrepreneurs and activists to join us in giving attention to the emergent trends and modalities of how the creative industries are being produced and subsequently experienced during Covid-19.

James Ngcobo, Artistic Director of the Market Theatre, will deliver the keynote address titled, Visibility of innovative leadership in our sector as we navigate the new territory. James is an award-winning actor who transformed into a multi-award-winning director. His talk will reflect on how cultural institutions, such as the Market Theatre, have navigated and in some respects transcended the Covid-19 situation. Under his leadership, the Market Theatre has continued to innovate, inspire and become an example of how cultural institutions can withstand the most challenging circumstances.

The virtual symposium forms part of the Faculty of Arts & Design’s inaugural virtual showcase, therefore we invited papers exploring the possibilities and/or drawbacks when multi-sensory and/or mono-sensory aesthetic experiences are compressed onto a digital screen – be it the screen on a computer, tablet, mobile phone, or television.

A diverse line up of presenters will look at the complexities of generating and consuming creativity during Covid-19. The theme of the virtual seminar aims to get speakers and the audience thinking about the disposition of the creative industries, now and in the future.

Unlike a traditional academic conference, the sessions will be in a dialogue and conversational format, as the main objective of the symposium is to cultivate and inspire dialogue, reflection, and action.

Attendance is free. Click on the included link to register for the symposium or email arebueng@tut.ac.za, or visit www.tut.ac.za

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