Soshanguve update: 5 September 2018

5 September 2018

Classes have once again been disrupted at the Soshanguve campuses this morning, 5 September. In an effort to intervene, the Campus Rector met with the leaders of the student structures responsible for this morning’s disruptions. 

Following the meeting with the students on 3 September and recommendations brought to the IMC by SAED on 4 September, the resolutions below were taken: 

  1. A Task Team will be established to consider justice for the deceased student, Mr Monareng.
  2. Composition of the Task Team: 

      • Soshanguve Campus Rector
      • Soshanguve Campus CMC
      • Soshanguve Campus SRC representative
      • PASMA representatives
      • Advancement office representative
      • Directorate: SGLD (Convenor) 
  3. Re-run of the SRC elections on the Ga-Rankuwa and Soshanguve campuses after the forensic investigation is completed
  4. Appointment of a new election company to conduct election re-run process subject to the findings of the forensic investigation
  5. Management will provide financial support to the student structures for participation in the election re-run 

It is hoped that activities at the Soshanguve Campus will return to normal tomorrow, once the leaders of the student structures at the campus have shared these resolutions with their members. 

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