TUT and Raslouw Private Hospital forge partnership for enhanced medical education

20 October 2023

In a significant stride towards advancing medical education and healthcare services, the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) formalised a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Raslouw Private Hospital (RPH) on Thursday, 19 October 2023. This collaboration, set to benefit both the university and the wider community, aims to provide TUT students with invaluable practical training opportunities at the recently inaugurated Raslouw Private Hospital, operational since 1 June 2022.

With a capacity of 100 beds, including 10 adult ICU beds and four neo-natal ICU beds, Raslouw Private Hospital boasts a dedicated maternity unit with two delivery rooms, directly linked to the neo-natal ICU. The hospital also offers a paediatric unit, a 24-hour emergency unit, radiology facilities and a fully equipped pharmacy. Its state-of-the-art theatre complex houses three theatres, a catheterisation laboratory and space for a second cath lab.

The collaboration is poised to enable TUT’s Faculty of Science to provide support to Raslouw Private Hospital, enhancing its services and patient care. TUT's dedicated staff and students are eager to contribute to the hospital's mission, with their expertise encompassing various areas aimed at augmenting clinical care and patient outcomes.

Through practical training initiatives, students from various departments will gain hands-on experience within the hospital's clinical services enabling TUT to deliver future-ready graduates. Supervised by experienced specialists, these students can actively participate in clinical training required for a range of healthcare disciplines, including Medical Orthotics and Prosthetics, Biokinetics, Clinical Technology, Diagnostic Radiography, Pharmacy and Nursing. This collaboration will not only enrich students' clinical skills but also elevate the overall clinical services provided by RPH.

Furthermore, the partnership will stimulate impactful research and innovation to address specific healthcare challenges and areas for future growth within the hospital. By conducting joint research projects, students and staff from TUT can contribute to evidence-based practices, develop innovative solutions, and enhance patient care. This collective effort will foster a culture of research and knowledge exchange, benefiting both the hospital and the academic community.

Interdisciplinary collaboration will be actively encouraged, bringing together students and staff from TUT and healthcare professionals from various disciplines within RPH. Through collaborative projects, case discussions, and team-based care approaches, they can leverage their expertise and perspectives, ultimately leading to more comprehensive and patient-centred care.

According to Professor Yvonne Paul, Acting Executive Dean of The Faculty of Science, the collaboration between TUT and Raslouw Private Hospital promises significant benefits for both institutions and the broader community. Firstly, this partnership will greatly enhance medical education by providing students with invaluable hands-on clinical training within a real healthcare setting. “Working alongside experienced healthcare practitioners at RPH will equip students with essential practical insights and skills crucial for their future careers as well as growth, development and sustainability of our programme offering at the Faculty of Science.

Additionally, the affiliation will foster cutting-edge medical research, as hospitals linked with universities often lead in advancements in medical science and patient care. Faculty members and TUT students will actively engage in research projects, contributing to the generation of new knowledge that can benefit patients and the entire medical community.

Moreover, this collaboration will encourage interdisciplinary collaboration between medical professionals and researchers from various fields, driving innovation in healthcare and healthcare management, ultimately improving patient outcomes and the efficiency of healthcare delivery. These benefits underscore the significance of this MOU, marking a pivotal moment in healthcare and education, with the promise of advancing medical education, improving patient care, and driving innovations in healthcare,” said Prof Paul.

New RPH.
Staff from TUT & RPH at the signing ceremony.

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