Ga-Rankuwa Campus’s new acting Rector ready for the challenge

28 September 2023

“Let’s move the Ga-Rankuwa Campus from good to great, to be TUT’s best campus of choice, where every student would want to study.” This is one of the long-term aspirations of Ga-Rankuwa’s Acting Campus Rector, Dr Elikanah Lumadi, who was appointed to the position earlier this year. He sees his appointment as a call to accountability and transformative leadership and believes that the University has trusted him as an agent of change, who should ensure that the academic project is protected, promoted and supported by all campus stakeholders.

Dr Elikanah Lumadi.

In an interview, he shared his immediate plans, which include collaboration with relevant stakeholders to ensure that the buildings and facilities are available, while resources on campus are fully functional and optimally used by staff and students. 

“On the other hand, we need to create a conducive and enabling environment in which teaching and learning takes place effectively and where there is active student life on campus. This will assist in producing future-ready graduates who will make a positive societal impact,” he added.

Dr Lumadi emphasised that improving the reputation and image of the Ga-Rankwa Campus can only be achieved by inspiring and influencing staff and students to take ownership of the campus; to protect and use the facilities available optimally while celebrating achievements; and going an extra mile to ensure that the campus improves in all key environments.

“We also need awareness campaigns about overcoming or eliminating the GBV and Femicide scourge that is plaguing our society and institution; facilitate the support of high-performance individuals and teams among staff and students on campus; promote the development of quality leadership; and encourage communication and participation of all relevant stakeholders in fulfilling the vision and mission of the University. This will put the Ga-Rankuwa Campus on a new upward trajectory,” says Dr Lumadi. 

Dr Lumadi believes that teamwork, underpinned by cooperation will always bring about the best outcomes, something that working in silos cannot achieve. “To become a united Campus community that upholds the highest service delivery standards, we will celebrate diversity and promote the attitude of success and intentionally work towards building a campus that accommodates all people, including people with disabilities, in all campus activities,” he said.

“It is not enough to aspire or plan to do the best. Taking the right action aligned with our plans and strategies, will bring the expected change and growth. Our year plans take effect when we implement and live them on a continuous basis. We cannot afford to do the same thing again and again, while expecting to see different results. Commitment to excellence and acting accordingly, will bring favourable results which will set a new tone for our campus. We should remember that there are no hopeless situations but only people who have grown hopeless. However, focus, passion and determination channelled accordingly will bring success in whatever we do on our campus,” he added.

According to Dr Lumadi the principles of prioritisation and time management form the basis of striking a balance between career and family responsibilities. “These are the two of the many balls that I juggle in one hand daily. They are the two polarities that do not compete but complement each other as they should exist together. To me, it is like breathing, inhaling and exhaling. You cannot choose one over the other,” he concluded. 

Some of the other balls he must juggle, include being a Pastor at All Nations House of Prayer in Midrand; a Board member of the South African National Council for the Blind’s Optima College; and also does leadership training, life coaching and motivational talks to various organisations and teams.

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