Gauteng Film Commission executive inspires next generation of women leaders

by Lakhe Thwala

7 September 2023

Offering networking opportunities and ensuring women succeed beyond the MBA programme, the Tshwane School for Business and Society (TSB) hosted an empowerment session with renowned business leader and CEO of the Gauteng Film Commission, Keitumetsi Lebaka on 31 August 2023.

Keitumetsi Lebaka, GFC CEO and Deputy Chair of the TSB Advisory Board.

Keitumetsi Lebaka, a seasoned executive, who also serves as the Deputy Chair of the TSB Advisory Board has held high-profile positions and was announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa as one of two CEOs recognised at the Future of HR Awards in 2019. She is a trained life coach, mentor and MBA graduate.

At the event, she spoke frankly about her journey to the top. “Challenging as it may have been, I just never really thought about boundaries, which made my journey distinctively different.”

"It was stepping out of my comfort zone, doing things that I didn't go to school for, weren't trained for, trying new things and having the courage to do it. It also helped to have a burning sense of purpose. Taking an outcome-driven approach can help aspiring CEOs chase down tough assignments and see them through.”

Lebaka said getting more women in business is a slow process but a necessary one. “Having more women leaders is not only a step towards gender equality. It also brings a series of advantages to the corporate world, such as increased productivity and collaboration, better organizational dedication and decreased employee burnout.”

In conclusion, Lebaka highlighted the importance of soft skills in the work environment. “These skills, i.e., self-motivation, resilience, networking, communication, critical thinking and collaboration, have proved to be as important as the traditional "hard" skills, while technical skill, experience and knowledge are fundamental to success.”

"Organisations now hold soft skills in much higher regard than before,” she said.

Prof Vinessa Naidoo, Professor in Marketing at TSB and Programme Director said: “This is one of many events to come at the business school that seek to empower our students beyond programmes offered, making them future-ready.

From left, Dr Tessie Herbst, Academic Leadership Development Specialist, Prof Vinessa Naidoo, Professor in Marketing at TSB and Keitumetsi Lebaka, GFC CEO.

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