Astute TUT Journalism alumnus launches second book

by Nhlawulo Chauke

8 June 2023

Kabelo Chabalala (32), an Alumnus of the Department of Journalism is the author of a new book titled, A Woman, I Am Because You Are (A Femininity memoir), which was launched at the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) late in May 2023.

Author Kabelo Chabalala.

Chabalala is the founder and senior mentor at the Young Men Movement (YMM), an organisation that focuses on the reconstruction of the socialisation of boys, to create a new cohort of men in our society across the globe.

He is also a columnist for a daily newspaper that publishes his column twice a month on Fridays. By profession, he is a PR specialist, writer and journalist, but at heart he is a feminist and proud mama’s boy.

The new book is a sequel to his first book, A Journey from Boyhood to Manhood (a masculinity memoir).

Explaining the memoir, Chabalala said: “Many people, male and female are where they are today because of the many different women who have contributed positively to their lives.”

“With this book, I want to appreciate the role women play in empowering boys and men and nurturing healthy masculinity.”

Chabalala said he deliberately didn’t include the precious women in his life when he wrote his first book because he didn’t want to hide behind his childhood pain. 

“It was too painful, I had a lot of questions, such as why I had to grow up without a father and navigating life without him. With the second book, I knew that I had to give full attention to the women in my life. I believe they deserved one book, and this one is my favourite,” he said. In each chapter of the book, he gives flowers by proclaiming love and appreciation for every woman and man who helped him in his life.

“I wanted to publish a celebratory book, one where could give people their flowers while they are still alive as well as one where I could share my pain and celebrate the healing,” said Chabalala.

Chabalala plans to write three more books in the coming years, with one that will dive deep into the issue of marriage.

Dr Eric Pule, Director of the Advancement and Partnerships Office said people often do not speak about the vital role of women in society and how important it is to support women in our lives.

He added that the University is proud of Alumni like Chabala and saluted his passion for creating an understanding of the important role of women in society.

Book Price: R295.00

Dr Eric Pule, Director of the Advancement and Partnerships Office, during the book launch. 
Audience at The Woman I Am Because You Are book launch.

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