By: Excel Fongoma

Zusakhe Ngqame, a TUT alumnus, has just won three crowns with his play IMXINWA! During the centenary of the TX Theatre in Tembisa, the play, IMXINWA, which he also directed, won an incredible three First Independent Theatre Markers Awards.

This is an incredible accomplishment and a well-earned acknowledgement of Zesakhe, a gifted TUT drama student’s diligence and hard work. These honors for Best Musical, Best Ensemble and Best Supporting Female Actor: Zaza Cala, attest to his creativity and vision. His love of theater is evident in IMXINWA.

Zusakhe is extremely appreciative of his team's efforts in putting on a fantastic performance with IMIXINWA. “My talented and dedicated cast and crew, whom believed in me and helped to make the Masterpiece Imxinwa Production, has enabled me to win these awards. Winning an award is every performer and directors’ dream. We create work to heal, educate and impact. Therefore, winning means that the work was well received - it is the best feeling ever,” he said.

According to Zusakhe, the foundation for his work was laid when he was involved in a number of community projects. “Growing up in the Western Cape and actively participating in various community initiatives, I have come to understand that achieving a dream requires the support of various individuals. These people are not just acquaintances but an integral part of my extended family, they are close friends and respected industry colleagues.”

Zusakhe Nqame - TUT Alum

Zusakhe Nqame's awards

“I would like to thank every person who has contributed to my career journey. I want to express my appreciation to the management of the South African State Theatre and the coordinators of the Incubator Programme for selecting me and believing in my potential, thus welcoming me into their esteemed 2023 program. I deeply value this opportunity and acknowledge the significant role it has played in shaping me as a new theatre director,” said Zusakhe

“Winning an award is the cherry on top of hard work. Artists must create work that speaks to the heart touch the soul. All of this is possible if you believe in yourself, are dedicated and respect your own craft.”

“TUT’s Drama Department played a vital role in shaping me as an independent artist, through its dedicated lectures who believed in me and made sure that I became a brilliant artist,” Zusakhe said, acknowledging the Department’s positive impact on his journey as an artist.

Zusakhe’s plans to take the production further and share it with wider audiences is also exciting. “Securing funding is definitely crucial for achieving his goals,” he explained, “I have endless plans for Imxinwa. Seeing the production doing well and being well received by people, I want to stage it at various Theatre Festivals, like the National Arts Festival and more. I would like to take the production to different theatres in different towns and provinces, which will be made possible through getting funded.”

Zusakhe Nqame and his casting crew

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