Jewellers go all out for inaugural exhibition

26 April 2018

Three lecturers and two alumni students of the Tshwane University of Technology’s Jewellery Design and Manufacture Programme (Department of Fine and Applied Arts) were among the 26 finalists of the first ever South African Contemporary Jewellery Awards Exhibition.

The awe-inspiring work of lecturers Nina Newman, Anne Manaczynski (part-time), Tracey Lötter (part-time) and alumni Philisa Zibi and Lané Vorster, formed part of the exhibition hosted at the University of Johannesburg’s Faculty of Art Design and Architecture (FADA) Gallery in March.

The aim of the event was to provide a platform for cutting-edge concepts and ideas for unique and original art jewellery. The curated exhibition honoured excellence in the field, showcasing the work of artists who realise their creative ideas and concepts from a body adornment perspective.

The work will be featured in a peer-reviewed catalogue, contributing to research and development, while stimulating cultural production in the field. Artists were encouraged to explore a diverse range of materials, techniques and processes that best express their creative ideas and concepts. 

The judging panel consisted of some of the top practising contemporary art jewellers and educators in the world: Lin Cheung, Johan van Aswegen, Geraldine Fenn, Eugene Hön and Carine Terreblanche.

From top to bottom are the awe-inspiring jewellery pieces designed by Nina Newman, Lané Vorster, Philisa Zibi, Tracey Lötter and Anne Manaczynski that were among the finalists of the inaugural South African Contemporary Jewellery Awards Exhibition.

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