TUT Prof’s research article attracts major online attention 

27 January 2021

A research article, titled Testosterone boosters: a report of a supplement’s misleading labelling claims, authored by Prof Rudi de Lange from the Tshwae University of Technology’s Department of Visual Communication (Faculty of Arts & Design), and published in the SA Journal of Sports Medicine last year, received the highest Altmetric score for the journal in 2020. The latter is an indication of how much online attention a research article received, including news reports, blogs, social networks, mainstream news, and public policy documents. 

Prof de Lange’s paper illustrates how labelling claims of a testosterone booster supplement mislead consumers. The labelling claims misappropriate scientific terminology, exaggerate and misrepresent research as evidence for the product’s purported efficacy, he has found.

“The review process for the article was extremely rigorous,” says Prof de Lange. “It went through three rounds and involved three reviewers. The final article was just more than two thousand words, but the feedback to the reviewers exceeded ten thousand words,” he adds.  

Mike Lambert, Editor in Chief of the SA Journal of Sports Medicine, writes in the editorial of the journal that it had a bumper year. “The published outputs of the journal doubled in 2020 compared to the number published in each of the previous two years. There were 7 105 downloads of papers published in 2020. There were 537 tweets on the published content. These tweets were posted by 234 unique tweeters from 26 countries,” he adds.

Lambert continues to say that, besides South Africa, most of the tweeters were from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and the United States. “There were 12 news stories about the content of the journal in 2020 communicated by seven unique news outlets in five countries (Australia, United States, Zimbabwe, Turkey, and New Zealand). Much of the success of the journal can be attributed to the high-quality reviews of the submitted papers. The pool of dedicated reviewers invited to review papers submitted to the journal invested much time in trying to improve the quality of the paper they were asked to review,” he concludes. 

To access Prof de Lange’s article, please click on doi.org/10.17159/2078-516X/2020/v32i1a7426

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