Arts conferences culminate in two new books

26 October 2018

One thing is certain: When the Tshwane University of Technology’s Faculty of the Arts embarks on projects, it always has the bigger picture in mind. This vision is evident in two books that were published this year, following two international conferences that the Faculty hosted in 2013 and 2014.

The first book, The Arts and Indigenous Knowledge Systems in a Modernized Africa, is a collection of papers that discuss issues of Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS) and the Arts. It presents ideas about how to promote a deeper understanding of the IKS within the Arts, the development of IKS-Arts research methodologies, and the protection and promotion of IKS in the Arts. 

Knowledge, embedded in song, dance, folklore, design, architecture, theatre, attire and the visual arts, can promote innovation and entrepreneurship, and it can improve communication. The book captures leading trends and ideas that could help protect, promote, develop and affirm indigenous knowledge and systems, while also making room for ideas that do not necessarily oppose IKS, but encourage the modernisation (not Westernisation) of Africa.

The editors of the book are Prof Rudi de Lange, Associate Professor: Visual Communication; Prof Ingrid Stevens, Professor Extraordinaire, Faculty of the Arts; Prof Runette Kruger, Head of the Department Fine and Applied Arts; and Prof Mzo Sirayi, UNESCO Research Chair.

The Strategic Repositioning of Arts, Culture and Heritage in the 21st Century highlights the fact that the post-millennium world has been experiencing several recognisable historical milestones with regard to arts, culture and heritage. One of these has been the resuscitation and revival of creative elements of the arts, culture and heritage of previously marginalised or disadvantaged communities around the world. 

Until recently, there had been scant regard and skewed allocation of resources for these, but lately, attempts have been made to promote and sustain them in order to enable the socio-economic aspirations of a multicultural society. The chapters in the book cover a broad spectrum of subjects, such as Identity and Heritage, Freedom and Humanity, Empowerment and Sustainability, Education and Sustainability, Creativity and Entrepreneurship, Cultural Policy and Management, and Creativity and Entrepreneurship. 

These chapters talk to some of the following pertinent questions: How do the arts and culture affect the development of societies? What role do the Arts play in concepts for securing the future? What kind of cultural policy is needed to create sustainable structures? The power of culture lies in its artistic complexity, in the fact that it plays with human sensibilities, reflects reality and raises questions about life in our society. 

The editors of this book are Prof Ndwamato George Mugovhani, Research Professor: Department of Performing Arts; Dr Owen Seda, part-time Lecturer: Department of Drama and Film; and Prof Mzo Sirayi, UNESCO Chair.

The covers of the two new books that were published this year following two international conferences that the Faculty of the Artshosted in 2013 and 2014.

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