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The academic calendar has been revised to make up for the time lost. Below is a summary of the most important dates. To access the full revised TUT Core Calendar please click here.

Tel: 012 382 5750/5780
Tel: 012 382 4891/4388

Fax: 012 382 5134

Online Application and Registration

Admissions Point Score system (APS) 
- Grades Companion (Figures cited in this document are just estimates. The University
  reserves the right to amend these figures. Readers are advised to check the final fee
  details with the university towards the end of each year (around November-December).
- 2016 General Information for First Year Enrolment
- Career Counselling
- Application Form and information
- Admission Requirements
- Potential Assessment
- Change of Qualification Form
- Commencing Schedule for January 2016 for all campuses

Registration schedule for January 2016 for all campuses