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Connecting university communities across the Northern part of South Africa

VUMA! Portal represents a growing community of students who are investing in their future. It's a place where you can find advice and support, engage with students from other universities, gather information and resources, share ideas and concerns, and explore your passions.

In an effort to meet your needs we are constantly striving to improve the VUMA! space. So, if you haven’t visited us in a while, now’s the time to pop by and see what’s happening on the Portal. We’ve re-vamped the space completely with a new design, and we’ve introduced a host of new facilities and services. This exciting space is spearheaded by FOTIM (Foundation of Tertiary Institutions of the Northern Metropolis) in collaboration with nine universities in the Limpopo, Gauteng and North-West regions of South Africa.


So what are you passionate about? The VUMA! Portal provides a space where you can talk about anything to do with university life and share your ideas with students from other universities. The VUMA! CANTEEN has been created to help you learn more about using blogs and forums in your day-to-day lives while at university. You can access our blogging facility to write a personal journal, reflect on life, or start a study group. Use the forums to explore topics relevant to your studies, share research and resources, ask for help, collaborate with other students and lecturers on a variety of topics, and expand your knowledge.


Our WIKI-it facility will teach you more about WIKI’s. Dig around inside our WIKI-it sandbox, learn how to use a WIKI and even create your own WIKI. You can use a WIKI to build your own website, compile research, compile presentations and more. Contribute to our “unofficial” guide to universities in SA in our UNIguide WIKI, access a range of topics in the VUMA! study, writing and life WIKI’s.

VUMA! ResourceLAB

Search for information and resources on a range of topics, including study skills, writing skills, life skills, careers and the world of work. Use this facility to share resources, including essays, exam papers, course notes, theses…just about any type of resource can be uploaded to the VUMA! ResourceLAB. You can also view resources added by other users, rate these resources or even comment on the resources you have found useful.

News and Events

This is your chance to share your university news and events with students from other universities. Submit your latest campus or student-related news to the VUMA! Portal through our easy-to-use news and events submission facilities.

Start a Poll

Find out what other students think about a range of issues? Cast your vote or start your own poll.

Submit your story

We are also keen to find out more about you. So come on, submit your story to the VUMA! Portal. Tell us about yourself, what you're studying, and your dreams and ambitions for the future.

And there’s more. We are currently building a comprehensive database of contacts relevant to your life while at university. We are also about to launch the VUMA! “My Portfolio” facility where you can start tracking your academic and other achievements online. It’s exciting stuff! We’ll keep you posted on these and other developments.

We welcome your contribution, so if you think you have something to share or valuable resources to upload, why not let other students benefit from your ideas? If there’s anything you’d like to see on the VUMA! Portal, let us know. We are open to any and all ideas and will do our best to cater for your needs.

Thanks for joining the VUMA! Portal Community. We look forward to meeting you online.

Cheers for now!
VUMA! Portal Administrator