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 What am I going to do in this occupation

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Veterinary technologists play an important role in the maintenance of animal health and productivity in South Africa. This is mainly a laboratory orientated career and their tasks consists; firstly, of diagnostic work to determine the cause of sickness or death of animals. Secondly, they are involved in technical and field studies in research, working with a professional team of researchers. Veterinary technologists are also employed in quality control of veterinary products and the production of biological products such as antigens for diagnostic tests and vaccines for the prevention of disease. 

No person may practise the profession of a veterinary technologist unless the person is registered with the SAVC.


What kind of personality do I need?

Veterinary technologists must be neat, accurate and hard workers.  They need to have an interest in laboratory orientated work.  They need to perform their duties under the ethical code of the profession.

What kind of school training do I need?

A Senior Certificate or equivalent qualification is required.
Compulsory school subjects: English; Mathematics; Physical Science and Life Science.

Where can I work?

Veterinary technologists can work in State veterinary laboratories, Private veterinary laboratories, Agriculture Research Council, South African National Parks Board, and University of Pretoria – Veterinary Faculty

Where can I get further information?

  • Tshwane University of Technology, Department of Biomedical Sciences
    • 012 382 6265
  • South African Veterinary Council
    • 012 342 1612
  • South African Association of Veterinary Technologist

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