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Prospective and current students in need of financial assistance may apply for loans at Eduloan 012 382 5313/4901. 
Students may use the Electronic Application system availbe at dedicated facilities at the various campuses.

Senior students 

Seniors are advised to use  the Electronic Application system for registering, available at dedicated facilities at the various campuses. This can be done prior to the scheduled registration dates for senior students and will save you the time and effort of queuing to register. Assistance will be available at those facilities to students choosing this option.  

There is not yet a facility for e-payment. Please ensure that payment is made in advance at Absa or Standard Bank and bring proof of payment along for registration purposes.

Students with outstanding debt can determine their credit status by phoning 086 110 2421, since accounts with outstanding debt are blocked.  Such blocks are automatically removed upon payment of the outstanding amounts.