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Niche Areas (NAs)

The Research and Innovation at TUT is driven by a strategy of gearing research towards institutionally-approved niche areas, which promote innovative research for the economic development of the country and also enjoy international recognition. An R&I Niche Area (NA) has a well-defined research theme and should move through a development trajectory and strive to develop up to the stage where they are regarded as TUT centres. 

Active TUT R&I Niche Areas at different stages of development.

Leader Approved Niche Areas (NA)  Faculty Contact Details 
Steyn G, Prof Appropriate Architecture for South Africa: Centre Engineering and the Built Environment 012 382 5719
Klingelhoefer H, Prof Sustainability Management Accounting & Governmental Financial Governance Economics and Finance 012 382 0664
Hamam A, Prof Control, Image Processing and Machine Intelligence Engineering and the Built Environment 012 382 5452
Ndambuki J, Prof Climate Change and Disaster Management Engineering and the Built Environment 012 382 5225
Kanjee A, Prof Assessment  for Learning Humanities 012 382 9475
Mugovhani G, Prof Reconstruction of the past and crafting a new multicultural South African landscape through the arts The Arts 012 382 6349
De Lange R, Prof Critical Studies in Visual Arts The Arts 012 382 6185
Ojo SO, Prof Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D) Information & Communication Technology 012 382 9118
Huan' Z, Prof Applied Refrigeration and Thermal Energy Systems Engineering and the Built Environment 012 382 5286

Contact Details

Ms Rebecca Govender
Research & Niche Area Support
Tel: 012 382 4192