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Research and Innovation  RIP highlights 

Research and Innovation (R&I) is regarded as an integral part of the activities of all academic staff. Not only does it ensure authoritative instruction with a career focus, but it also enhances the quality of teaching, contributes to the development of technology and makes the University's expertise available to the broader community. By its very nature, R&I need to comply with international standards to be able to make a credible contribution to South African society. In exploring new avenues of R&I excellence, TUT is committed to the highest quality. For this purpose, we benchmark our efforts against those of other leading institutions, both locally and internationally. 

As an emerging research institution the focus for TUT is on the development of R&I capacity in strategically selected areas of strength (niche areas) that are relevant to national and regional needs, priorities and opportunities. Staff development, increasing the number of postgraduate students and postdoctoral fellows, strengthening leadership and platforms for R&I, building an enabling environment and institutional culture for R&I, facilitating knowledge transfer and commercialization and increasing R&I funding and output are some of the priorities. TUT is continuously seeking to improve the systems and incentives to support these priorities. All our R&I endeavors are supported and sustained through collaborative networks and partnerships.

The Directorate of Research & Innovation (DRI) is the operational arm of the Central Research and Innovation Committee (CRIC) and functions as a central institutional advice and support service for mobilizing resources for R&I, and aims to ensure effective administrative support systems.  Its key performance areas include the development of R&I policy, strategy and procedural documents; facilitation of R&I focus and niche areas; communication and reporting on research-related information; facilitation of research-related training; as well as ensuring total quality management for R&I services. The Directorate is a single unit with offices at the Pretoria Campus of TUT and serves all the campuses of the institution. 

Corporate Office

It has to be emphasized that the DRI is in many ways, an empowering and facilitating structure. DRI offers the following services to academics and postgraduate students: R&I focus area support including R&I capacity building and support to postgraduate students, statistical support, innovation support, support to CITSIs and grants administration. 



         Contact Information:

         Dr Mandla Msibi
         Director of Research and Innovation
         Tel: (+27) 12 382 4223
         Fax: (+27) 12 382 4409

         Tel: (+27) 12 382 5890
         Fax: (+27) 12 382 4409

         Office location: Building 20 - 130