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The Prestige Auditorium at the Tshwane University of Technology’s (TUT) Pretoria Campus was the centre of dialogue at the first International Student Organisation (ISO) public lecture. The event was fixed around issues pertaining to the new visa regulations and the implications of this on international students and expatriates. 

Guest speakers included Dr Richard Shambare, Senior Lecturer at the Business School, and Prof Shadrack Gutto from the Institute for African Renaissance Studies, College of Graduate Studies: University of South Africa. The academics gave their views on the new legislation and how difficult it could make life for immigrants.

The programme began with a slide show memorial of Alan Kurdi, the three-year-old Syrian boy who made headlines around the world after drowning in the Mediterranean Sea, as part of the Syrian refugee crisis.

After the memorial, Dr Shambare presented a case study on the crisis in Syria. He spoke of the kind of effects war and political instability has on international politics. “We need to move away from the politics of entitlement of a particular country. That’s what led to the crisis in Syria. What we need to do is to not only tolerate one another, but live and love one another,” he said.

Prof Gutto spoke about the impact of the new visa regulations on academics, xeno- and afrophobia, and the need for empowerment in predominantly black universities, with a particular focus on research. “Research provides massive income for institutions of higher learning. What the new visa regulation does, is that it makes it harder for foreign scholars to contribute to the knowledge economy of an institution. It further disincentives these scholars to contribute to South African institutes of higher learning, which means that these institutions may become less empowered,” added Prof Gutto.

Prof Shadrack Gutto; Institute for African Renaissance
Studies, College of Graduate Studies: University of South
Africa; speaks about South Africa’s political economy.

Dr Richard Shambare; Senior Lecturer, Business School;
presents a case study highlighting issues around the
refugee crisis in Syria.

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